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Tarpon Movie

Tarpon Movie


Marshall Cutchin

on October 17, 2008

A recently restored film featuring a trio of writers fishing for tarpon in Key West in the early 1970s has started to attract attention in literary and fly fishing circles. The movie, “Tarpon,” features the late poet Richard Brautigan and the novelists Jim Harrison and Thomas McGuane, and includes original music written and performed by Jimmy Buffett.

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The 53-minute documentary opens with a trolley-car ride in Key West and then segues into a narrative that features lots of salt water fly-fishing, and scenes that aim to capture the flavor of life among outsiders in Key West during the period. The movie also offers brief but entertaining views of a trio of writers who would later become well-known. Mr. Harrison, for example, is the author of the novella “Legends of the Fall”; the 1994 film version starred Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

The producers of “Tarpon” failed to land a commercial distributor, and soon pirated editions began to circulate. “I was a fly fishing guide in Key West in the 1980s and 1990s, and it was something you had to see,” says Marshall Cutchin, publisher of, a popular Web site for fly fishing. The movie gathered dust for more than 30 years before its co-director, Guy de la Valdene, decided to restore it and then issue it as a DVD. “It’s exactly as it was when we made it,” says Mr. de la Valdene, who is the author of “For a Handful of Feathers,” a hunting book.

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