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I watch in wonder as if it’s my first time to witness all the glory that is a sunrise over tropical waters. Yes, it’s a daily event, and one I fear many miss out on. I watch the iridescent even glow of the sky fade from a dark glowing blue into an explosion of beautiful hues. These new colors seem to melt together and increase in intensity. All tones of Blues, fiery oranges, hints of reds so powerful it stirs the soul, and hues of pink that I’m afraid the english dictionary lacks the words to describe.

I dip my paddle into the water again, first the right, then left. I barely hear swish and swirling disturbance as I pull the paddle back towards me. Only a faint splash is heard as one blade comes free from the warm tropical water and the other dips in. My attention still focused on the heavens as that bright orange sphere breaks the seal on the horizon and begins to rise in all its beauty. I greet it with a smile, as if I were acknowledging an old friend from afar.

I glance over my shoulder to watch the stern lights of the drop-off skiff now cruising on-step back towards the faint glow of San Pedro. Armed with my water proof map of the days flats I pass between a sandbar and a small point of the tip of this intricate maze of undisturbed flats that are sacred grounds to all that enjoy the hunt of saltwater fly fishing. Occasionally I feel one of the blades of the paddle touch silt or sand. With the increasing light I can see the bottom a mere 5 to 7 inches below me. Gliding further into the opened flats the water deepens and I begin seeing dark patches of turtle grass. I’m now into the first in a series of flats and mangrove fats areas that are linked together by a network of channels that run so shallow they have protected their inhabitants from guides, noisy two strokes, the film of a fuel slick resting atop the water, and constant worries of food turning out to be a fly.

With good light now higher in the sky I lay my paddle across my lap. I observe the beauty of my surroundings and what I consider to be one of God’s best accomplishments next to the “act of” human reproduction. From the corner of my eye I spot the first sign of a disturbance in this otherwise unspoiled paradise. Focusing on the commotion I see the day’s first sign of tailing bones happily feeding. Noses down, attention in the sand searching food. I plot my approach as I study their direction of travel and feeding pattern. I aim the kayak up-wind and glide in like a stealth injection molded torpedo. I quietly engage the scupper levers and deploy the automatic expanding outriggers on this specially designed fishing kayak. I raise the casting bar and pull my self up on my feet. For a moment I contemplate the advancements made in fishing kayaks that enable a secure and stable standing and casting platform from a kayak. I grab my rod and strip off forty to fifty feet of line. I release the fly pinched between my forefinger and thumb. Watching it to the water just in front of me. My target selected, a good-sized bone that’s a few feet to the side of the rest of the school. Drawing back I wait, I wait for the loading of the rod. With a flip f my wrist the line is hurled forward. I haul again as I bring it back and again wait for the feeling. Again I haul and flip my wrist forward. This time 50 feet of line unfurrell in front of me moving on course towards the spot I’ve picked. I lower my rod tip towards the water and watch the fly gingerly touch down on the water and begin sinking. My selected quarry snubs his nose at my fly and proceeds on his hunt for food past my fly.

The first cast wasn’t a success. By the third I was hooked up and the chase was on. The day’s game of wading, stalking, and kayaking these untouched “honey holes” have begun. With the lack of man’s presences and pressure on these flats it has made the fish super aggressive. Through out the day I catch a total of fourteen bones and the largest weighing in around seven pounds. Not only has the lack of pressure provide more productive fishing, it also provides larger fish as well.

What I’ve described is a typical days fishing with a Belize fishing company called BITE ME! Belize Fishing Adventures. The boys at BITE ME! Came up with their unique style of flats fishing in Belize by shear frustration. “We kept running into these flats areas where we couldn’t pole into with the boats. We could wade due to knee-deep silt and mud bottoms. But we could see the fish, Tons of tails splashing about 70, 80, even a mere 100 yards ahead of us.” Says Jim Big “D” Harper one of the owners of BITE ME!.

This was the catalyst that spawned the first kayak fishing service in Belize. “In starting it we found we were catching more and larger fish in areas that once we got into them they opened up to these large flats with limestone and sand bottoms that you could wade.”

It also created an opportunity to allow others who previously couldn’t afford to experience a fishing trip to Belize due to the average cost for a week of fishing in Belize ranging between $2,700 per week to over $4,000 per week, per person as well. Due to the shuttle service by skiff to and from different networks of flats each day and not having a guide. The cost of fishing in Belize for an entire week with BITE ME!  Is $850 per week all-inclusive. After my experience with kayak fishing for bonefish I’ll certainly be heading back down soon. This is truly a remarkable and productive way to experience the joys of fishing in Belize. If you wish to discover more about kayak fishing in Belize visit Big “D” at


Being a fisherman has provided me my fair share of sunrises and sunsets on the water. It’s an experience I’ve never taken for granted. After all I know many people whom miss sunrises and sunsets due to hectic schedules and being confined in the captive walls of an office building. In the past few years I’ve added kayak fishing to my repoitare of fly fishing methods. Like anything I seem to venture into for the first time I often struggle with and initial period of feeling much like a new born deer. Kinda wobbly, unstable, knees knocking and not quite certain of my surroundings or what in the world is going on.

After that learning curve has been concurred the benefits using a kayak to harass the local bonefish, permit, even tarpon here in Belize or any other flats destination is worth the day or two of the proverbial “Fish out of water.” Period of adjustment. For one the stealthy nature of kayak fishing is reason enough for skittish schools of bones or permit. Add to it the recent advancements of outrigger systems that enable one to stand securely and safely on the kayak increase ability to spot fish as well as cast a fly rod with ease.

Another huge benefit that sold me on kayak fishing was the lightweight and portability of the fishing kayaks themselves. With modern thermo plastic and injection molding processes many of these kayaks weigh less than 45 lbs. I admit that I’m a bit of a lazy fisherman and don’t desire to paddle miles upon miles to go fishing. I do still enjoy turning a key, hearing the purr of a finely tuned four stroke as I ease the that hammer forward an motor on towards my favorite fishing spots. However, it’s now a rarity that I leave the dock without a kayak strapped down in the front of my skiff. The kayak has enabled me to explore and discover new flats areas that were previously un-reachable by skiff or wading. These little “honey spots” as I fancy calling them are filled with virgin schools of bones and permit that are super aggressive. Lacking the constant pressure from guides and tourist has kept these spots sacred and more fun than a Crisco covered pig in a kid’s carnival.

As we all know the aggressive fishing and higher catch rate has probably convinced many reading this to give kayak fishing a try or incorporate it into your fishing regimen as well. There is yet one last thing I feel most might be interested to know. Kayak fishing cost significantly less than running a flats skiff all day with a local guide that’s trying to feed the family as well. Most kayak fishing destination such as BITE ME! Kayak Fishing Adventures in Belize charge around a hundred dollars per day which includes breakfast, lunch, and delivery by skiff to and from remote fishing flats that guides and other fishermen can’t travel due to the skinny water entrance or the mud and silt bottom composition that will have you sinking to your knees if one were to attempt wading it. As with most fishing flats once you paddle through these opening which range from fifty yards in to a hundred yards. The flats areas open back up into large mangrove lined private havens averaging 12 to 18 inches of water and a solid limestone bottom that make stalking these little “honey holes” a fisherman’s dream.

So, the next time you find your self feeling stagnate about your fishing spots. Grab a kayak from a local kayak-fishing retailer; they’ll usually have demo or rental kayaks for you to try. Load it on the boat or strap it to a car. Head on over to your local waters and explore and discover new and more productive fishing when you incorporate a kayak into your fishing.

Only ten years ago you could enjoy a week of fishing in Belize for under a thousand dollars for an entire week. It also only cost about 50.00 to 75.00 per day for a guide and a boat. Well, if anyone has checked the prices of fishing in Belize in the past couple of years you know it can be very expensive to fish in Belize now. The local guides have gotten a taste of the guiding business and they’ve been informed that in places such as the Key’s, British Virgin Island, The Bahamas and various other resort destinations fishermen pay as high as 500.00 for a day of fishing. Granted, these places are much more developed than Belize. However, the local Belize guides feel as though they’re entitled to similar pay – even if they’re fishing from a panga skiff rather than a 40,000 custom designed flats boat that was designed and engineered for fishing.

Relax! There is hope for those who wish to experience fishing in Belize for a reasonable and fair price. BITE ME Belize Fishing Adventures is taking people on 5 full days of fishing in Belize with 7 nights accommodations and all-inclusive stay for only $850.00 per week – per person. This blows the average of 2,700 to 4,000 out of the water completely. Staying at world famous lodges such as Turneffee Flats, or El Pescador is an over priced experience if you’re looking to just do something that up until the days of the 5,000 fishing lodges was a simple and FUN act. It was a sport and experience that almost anyone could enjoy regardless of financial situation or economic social class.

Isn’t fishing for anyone? It doesn’t have to be a “HIGH END” – Wealthy and affluent sport. It is after all, just fishing. A rather skittish little animal that poses a challenge for anglers that pursue them. Yet, this act can be done just as effectively with a 100.00 fishing rod and reel as it can be with a 1,500 fly rod and reel. So if you LOVE fishing and want to experience fishing in Belize with out losing and arm and a leg then contact the boys at BITE ME Belize fishing adventures and plan your perfect Belize fishing get-away.

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Belize Fishing Report:

Well we’ve finally come to the end of our rainy season and we’re having almost NO high-pressure systems rolling through. Which means we back into the classic 9 months of PERFECT BELIZE weather. The bonefish have moved back onto the flats and the Permit are still cruising and holding just of the main flats edges during the day with feeding times accruing typically around 6:00 am to 9:00 am and in the late afternoon between 4pm and 5:30 or so.

The heat of the day provides a good time to fish the flats edges in the 2 to 5 foot ranges and pick up bonefish and permit with bait fish patterns such as the Clouser Minnow or similar.

The juvenile Tarpon are still cruising in large numbers around Savanna Caye averaging in the 25 to 40lb range up to 3 or 4 feet range. They’re really taking large Stu Apte Tarpon flies and the tarpon toad tied with a rattle variations is working well for them on fly.

Thats all for now for the Belize Fishing Report

Sponsored by BITE ME! Belize Fishing Adventures

Fishing In Belize with BITE ME! Fishing Adventures

Fishing In Belize with BITE ME! Fishing Adventures

Coming up with the perfect gift Idea for your favorite Fly Fishing fanatic can, at times, be a daunting task. If you’re unfamiliar with a fly shop they can be stocked with thousands of little items to choose from. Below are a few that are on the top list of “Safe Bet” fly fishing gifts that your Fly Fisher (Man or Woman) will love.

Tarpon Movie | Tarpon DVD

Tarpon Movie | Tarpon DVD

TARPON – Movie featuring Tom McGuane, Jim Harrison, and Richard Brautigan. Another then-obscure artist, Jimmy Buffett, wrote the musical score. This Fly Fishing cult classic film was recently remastered and re-released on DVD. This is a classic Fly Fishing Video that any fly fisherman will enjoy.

Tibor Reels

Tibor Reels

TIBOR REELS – If the budget allows for it and you want to make the fly fisher in your life grin from ear-to-ear like a child and walk around the other fly fishers beaming with pride. Then get him or her a Tibor Everglades Fly Fishing Reel – or the Gulf Stream model depending on the type of fishing he or she does.

POCKET KNIFES – All fly fishers value a good pocket Knife. Take for example the Columbia River Knife and Tool companies’ latest edition. The Fishing Knife with integrated bottle opener for the beer bottles. The handle is even shaped like a fish.

Staying with the pocketknife theme this one is another excellent gift idea for fly fishermen and women. The Gerber Multi-Pliers tool. Similar to a leatherman but built much more ruggedly and designed to last a lifetime. It even comes complete with a Mag light mini-flash light.



WATERMARK (Fly Fishing Book) – A collection of beautiful fly fishing photos and scenery. This coffee table book is an excellent gift for any fly fishing enthusiast. This book features page-after-page of amazing photos fly fishing in action. By Grant McClintock 39.95

Waterproof Digital Camera

Waterproof Digital Camera

Olympus Stylus 1050 SW 10.1MP Waterproof / Shockproof Digital Camera – This indestructible digital camera is an excellent gift to help your fly fisher document their catches without brining them home. Not only does it assist them in catch and release but also they have proof they didn’t get skunked on the water.

Fishing Pack

Fishing Pack

William Joseph Catalyst Lumbar Pack – This little bag is excellent for carrying several fly boxes, all the tippet you need, and any other little things that you want to carry when fishing. It also features water bottle pockets on each side. It even features a lifetime warranty. Price $69.00

The ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA for any fly fisher – A week trip to Belize to fish for Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon on the Belize Fishing flats on the island of Ambergris Caye. If the budget allows for it – BITE ME! Belize Fishing Adventures is featuring a full week of fishing in Belize for only $850 per week including the accommodations at their resort. Discover more about Belize Fishing on the BITE ME! Fishing website.

These are a few of the more popular gift ideas to get your fly fisherman or woman for this holiday season.

BITE ME! Kayak Fishing

BITE ME! Kayak Fishing

Well, I’ve mentioned to everyone that Belize Kayak Fishing is now running a week-long trip with accommodations of Belize Fishing for only $850. This was great news as it now affords more people the opportunity to go fishing in Belize. However, my buddy Jim that I fish with often and runs the Kayak Fishing tours here in Belize. He’s finally revealed his actual company name now – It’s a CLASSIC! He has opted to call his Belize Fishing service “BITE ME!” – I told him I fully expect a t-shirt as soon as they come in. What a great name for a Fly Fishing outfitter that’s fishing in Belize?

Visit BITE ME! Kayak Fishing Adventures

For all you guys that tired to order the cult classic fly fishing video “TARPON” from the 1970s that was recently re-mastered and formated on to DVD by UYA Films is back in stock at and includes free shipping and is cheaper than “The Book Mailer” (The only other place you can purchase the TARPON Movie.

Click below to order your copy of this classic fly fishing movie. TARPON features some of the coolest tarpon fly fishing actions you’ll ever see on film.

Or you can order your copy of “TARPON” by clicking here

Tarpon Movie

Tarpon Movie

Looks like the tropical storm skirted by us here in Belize and the weather is back to normal. No more low-pressure systems sitting off the coast or in the Caribbean. You know what that means, we’re back to perfect weather and excellent fishing, The Bonefish have moved back onto the flats and there are smaller Permit still hanging around.The Tarpon action has slowwed and the bog boys that were migratting have moved on. Hwever, there are still plenty 15 to 25 lbs Tarpon lingering around in the mangroves and are still a ton of fun to catch on a fly rod.

So if you were considering a Belize Fishing trip then get on it and book it baby.

In fact Belize Kayak Fishing Adventures is featuring a $850 PER WEEK Belize Fishing special. It include 5 full days of Belize Fishing and 6 nights of Accommodations on Ambergris Caye.

Find out more details about Belize Kayak Fishing Adventures here

Well after all teh lowe pressure systems move out, FINIALLY. It was a long month of continous storm after storm resulting in pushing the bonefish off the flats and running for deeper waters for food and shelter. We got four excellent days of great fishing, calm seas, excellent weather, and a general cool down.

And after a few great days of fishing and getting a few Belize permit and plenty of Belize Bonefish to harass, here comes Tropical Storm Paloma heading right for us bringing another low pressure system and messing with the fishing. Well, it’s that time of year and come mid December and January we’ll have forgotten all about the rainy season and the storms that blow out the Belize Fishing each year for a couple of months. We’ll be back into the clear and fishing day after day once again.

Want information about how you experience a WEEK of Belize Fishing for only $850.00 – Click Here

Belize Bonefish

Belize Bonefish

With the recent economic down turn in North America, The boys at Belize Kayak Fishing decided that it’s just not fair to charge thousands of dollars to go fishing in Belize. Now, with times being hard and the chips down is when they think more people need to go on a Belize fishing more than ever. With the stress and troubles that a slow economy can bring you need your time to relax on the water and forget your troubles for just a few days and focus on chasing Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon on a Belize fly fishing trip.

Well, they’ve decided to drop the price of their week long package to an astounding $850.00 for an entire week of fishing in Belize. They usually charge $1,100 for this Belize fishing package. The boys at Belize Kayak Fishing are and always have been fly fishers and completely understand the need to get away from it all with just you and a buddy or two and some gin-clear waters filled with tailing bonefish. Stalking the flats of Belize has a way of putting the world into perspective.

If you’re interested in booking a Belize fishing trip with Belize Kayak Fishing, simply follow the link below and read more about what is included in this 6 days of accommodations and 5 full days of Belize fishing for only $850.00 with the Belize Kayak Fishing crew.

Belize Kayak Fishing at it s best on the Belize Fishing flats of Ambergris Caye