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“IT IS LIKE A DRUG. I think that’s what it is. What is it about Belize bonefish? You know every fisherman asks themselves, ‘If I could give up everything, for one fish, in one place, what would it be?’ And the more I go, the more I’m sure it would be a big bonefish in Belize.”


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Tarpon Movie

Tarpon Movie

One of the more difficult fly fishing knots is certainly the Bimini Twist. However, if you’re living near or planning a trip to fish Belize, Bahamas, or even South Florida. You’ll need to know how to tie this essential saltwater fly fishing knot.

Here in my home town of San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye, located just off the coast of Belize. We often target large Tarpon. In fact fishing for Tarpon is a big reason for my relocating to Ambergris Caye in the first place. Well, when pursuing Tarpon on a fly rod here in Belize you’ll more than likely have a Bimini Twist on the end of you rig. It’s been long known that a Bimini Twist will maintain tremendous tippet strength when being punished by a 100 lb jumping Tarpon when fishing here in Belize. To save you money on gear when planning your fishing trip to Belize I’ve included a link here to teach you how to tie a Bimini Twist yourself. Watch: How to tie a Bimini Twist | A Fly Fishing Video

Test your Bimini Twist chasing Tarpon on a Belize Fishing Vacation <– Click Here

Chasing Silver, is to-date one of the most informative and action packed fly fishing videos covering the

Chasing Silver

Chasing Silver

Tarpon species. This amazing film carries you down a journey of classic quotes and photos from the hand-line fishermen of yesteryears through an oral history to how we’ve gotten to this place now. With our sponsors, high-end / high-tech reels and rods. Our hundreds of fly patterns, and even multi-thousand dollar flats skiff that started as a john-boat with plywood fixed to them as a casting deck.

Follow many of todays top fly fishermen and women that pursue this magnificent prehistoric looking fish that continues to capture our imaginations and personally, a lot of my time. It has been my favorite pursuit on the flats and one of the major reasons I moved to the island of Ambergris Caye. “To pursue that damned fish!” – As I gain years, I’m becoming aware that maybe I didn’t catch the fish, Perhaps it was the other way around.”

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WATCH a clip from CHASING SILVER – A Tarpon Journey

Drift | Flyfishing Video

Drift | Flyfishing Video

A stunning visual journey, DRIFT combines the highest quality film production, world class flyfishing and an eclectic group of anglers to create the most definitive film about the sport to date.

DRIFT takes you on a cinematic adventure across the flats of Belize and the Bahamas, down the tailwaters of the Green, Frying Pan and the Big Horn, spey casting on the Deschutes, and exploring the exotic rivers of Kashmir, India.

Featuring Spey casters John & Amy Hazel, celebrated photographer and legend- ary angler Brian O’Keefe, salt water fly fishing fanatics Ian Davis and Keith Paar, trout junkies R.A. Beattie, Adam Barker, Tommy Knight, Jordan Gage, Robert Boyce, Robert Eddins, permit specialists The Garbutt Brothers, the “Godfather of Bonefishing” Charlie Smith and legendary Henry’s Fork Guides Travis Smith and Jon Steihl.

DRIFT began when destination flyfishing specialist Jim Klug joined forces with Drake Magazine Founder Tom Bie and 16-year Warren Miller Films veteran cinematographer Chris Patterson. Together they are Confluence Films, and their eagerly awaited release, DRIFT has certainly brought the genere of flyfishing entertainment to a new level. Photographed entirely on 16mm film and mastered in HD, with 5.1 surround sound, DRIFT looks, sounds and feels like no other flyfishing video out there.

Watch the DRIFT Flyfishing video trailer:

Fly Fishing Video

Fly Fishing Video

As a young boy and teenager I surfed avidly. Always romanticized about fare away shores in the south Pacific with glass-clear waters and perfectly formed wave sounded in teh evening by exotic beauties wearing the coconut cups as bikini tops. That was before I discovered saltwater fly fishing however. Well the boys from Gin-Clear Media are showing us another reason to visit the south pacific with their Release of “The Search – Tahiti” a true adventure in fly fishing videos. Watch as they trek through un-inhabited islands and hop rides as hitch-hikers aboard freighters on a journey seeking the biggest bonefish on the planet. It’s so unspoiled that it’s almost unfair.

I found myself watching in amazement as the bones fearlessly bite down on almost anything presented to them. The footage and scenery is amazing. The only down-side of the film is watching bonefish after bonefish escape and break-off leaders and lines due to their shear size. I don’t thing in the entire 58 minutes of this DVD they pulled anything under 10 lbs out of the water. If you’re a saltwater fly fishing enthusiast then you’ll appreciate this film. You’ll be carried away in your living-room as you watch in amazement.

Watch a clip of these monster Bonefish in the Fly Fishing Video: The Search – Tahiti

92 in the shade

92 in the shade

If you’ve ever considered “chucking it all” and moving to the tropics to start a charter business. Then more than likely someone probably gave you the advice to read or watch “92 in the shade”. A tale of a young drifter hippie played by Peter Fonda whom returns to his home town in the Florida Keys and starts his flats fishing charter company. He quickly learns that old captains can be as possessive as a pit-bull with a ham bone. This film is classic 1970s everything. The old flats boats made of fiberglass and plywood. The “jive” talk, shag carpet, and over-all peace, love, and chicken grease feel. It also happens to be extremely funny. Having grown up and spent alot of time around South Florida and it’s fishing & diving community there are some closely drawn similarities to that era. This is a classic saltwater fishing movie and the last film ever produce by Thomas McGuane. It should be apart of every saltwater flats fishing enthusiast movie library.

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TARPON the movie

TARPON the movie

Quick update on for those interested in purchasing a copy of the cult classic fly fishing TARPON MOVIE on DVD by UYA Films featuring: Jim Harrison, Thomas McGuane, Richard Brautigan and music by Jimmy Buffett,. This classic film was recently re-mastered and put back on the market for sale. Of which time the movie has sold some 30,000 copies and still building steam. It was being offered for $34.99 from places like “The Book Mailer” – However, I’ve reduced the price to $20.99. At that price how can you resist owning your own copy of the famous TARPON movie on DVD.


Watch a clip from the famous TARPON Movie: CLICK HERE

If you’re planning or thinking of planning a fishing trip to Belize make certain you have your double haul down pat. One of the first things most notice when Fly Fishing in the tropics of Belize is that your game has to ellevate to catch fish. Not only are the fish a thousand times fore skittish then fishing some mountain stream with ripples in the water and structures such as rocks and large overhanging trees and brush. But the fish are typically 70 feet and out to reach them. Add on top of all that a prevailing trade wind that averages 12 to 16 knots from sun-up to sun-down and you have no choice but ensure your casting and presentation skills are top-notch.

I can’t recall how many times friends have come to visit for a week excited about a.) fishing for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish here in my home off Ambergris Caye in Belize. And almost as important b.) they get to stay at my house for free thus reducing the costs of paying for lodging and the 200 to 300 per day charged by the majority of Belize fly fishing guides. (as you can imagine – this makes a Belize fishing adventure very affordable. Just food, gas for my boat, and airfare). Yet with all this stacked in their favor they still find themselves riddled with frustration and angst by the end of day three. The reason; they didn’t come prepared and have no had to be forced into using their valuable fishing time as real-life practice time. I’ve seen it take anywhere from 3 to 5 days before they catch a fish. At that moment they forget about the days of hell that have just pasted. But I guarantee they would have preferred to be catching fish those days prior to the first one.

So what can you do about? Well, I suggest finding a rather open stretch of water – preferably one with a stiff breeze blowing across the surface and practice various casting techniques such as the Belgium cast. Not to mention that you should make absolutely certain you have your Double Haul cast down. I’ve had great success by turning friends onto a DVD aptly named Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting. This woman has had more experience as a professional WINNING Fly Caster than probably anyone I’ve ever met. Watching the grace and rhythm of which she carefully guides her fly line will inspire anyone. I’m including a little video clip about her below, along with a link to Amazon where you can pick up her Dynamics of Fly Casting DVD for an extremely reasonable price of about 20.00 bucks. And trust me, $20.00 is the best investment you’ll make prior to coming down to Belize to fish the flats.

Fly Casting with Joan Wulff


It doesn’t matter wether you’re a fly fisherman, sport fisherman, or any other type of fisherman. The incredible Mr. Limpet should be in your DVD library. A classic film that in 1964 set new limits to movie making by merging the animated with the real life. An imaginative and joyful 99 minutes that has thrilled adults as much as children. This classic Fish story that refuses to become a relic and out-dated. Forty years later The Incredible Mr. Limpet still astounds and captivates audiences be their first or forty first viewing. If you’re a youngster and new to fishing but are curious as to the underwater workings of Fish, this film will not give you an accurate portrayal. It will however, make you laugh and appreciate the lighter side of life as you see it lived through Henry Limpert (Don Knotts) a some what goofy character that finds himself literally living his dreams through that of a cartoon fish in World War II. This film is chalked full of classic characters and names and faces you’ll surely recall as you enjoy this film.

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