Only ten years ago you could enjoy a week of fishing in Belize for under a thousand dollars for an entire week. It also only cost about 50.00 to 75.00 per day for a guide and a boat. Well, if anyone has checked the prices of fishing in Belize in the past couple of years you know it can be very expensive to fish in Belize now. The local guides have gotten a taste of the guiding business and they’ve been informed that in places such as the Key’s, British Virgin Island, The Bahamas and various other resort destinations fishermen pay as high as 500.00 for a day of fishing. Granted, these places are much more developed than Belize. However, the local Belize guides feel as though they’re entitled to similar pay – even if they’re fishing from a panga skiff rather than a 40,000 custom designed flats boat that was designed and engineered for fishing.

Relax! There is hope for those who wish to experience fishing in Belize for a reasonable and fair price. BITE ME Belize Fishing Adventures is taking people on 5 full days of fishing in Belize with 7 nights accommodations and all-inclusive stay for only $850.00 per week – per person. This blows the average of 2,700 to 4,000 out of the water completely. Staying at world famous lodges such as Turneffee Flats, or El Pescador is an over priced experience if you’re looking to just do something that up until the days of the 5,000 fishing lodges was a simple and FUN act. It was a sport and experience that almost anyone could enjoy regardless of financial situation or economic social class.

Isn’t fishing for anyone? It doesn’t have to be a “HIGH END” – Wealthy and affluent sport. It is after all, just fishing. A rather skittish little animal that poses a challenge for anglers that pursue them. Yet, this act can be done just as effectively with a 100.00 fishing rod and reel as it can be with a 1,500 fly rod and reel. So if you LOVE fishing and want to experience fishing in Belize with out losing and arm and a leg then contact the boys at BITE ME Belize fishing adventures and plan your perfect Belize fishing get-away.

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