Looks like the tropical storm skirted by us here in Belize and the weather is back to normal. No more low-pressure systems sitting off the coast or in the Caribbean. You know what that means, we’re back to perfect weather and excellent fishing, The Bonefish have moved back onto the flats and there are smaller Permit still hanging around.The Tarpon action has slowwed and the bog boys that were migratting have moved on. Hwever, there are still plenty 15 to 25 lbs Tarpon lingering around in the mangroves and are still a ton of fun to catch on a fly rod.

So if you were considering a Belize Fishing trip then get on it and book it baby.

In fact Belize Kayak Fishing Adventures is featuring a $850 PER WEEK Belize Fishing special. It include 5 full days of Belize Fishing and 6 nights of Accommodations on Ambergris Caye.

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