In the tradition of almost every potential “big dog” Washington candidate. Sarah Palin changes her stance on protecting natural resources for the almighty dollar of “BIG BUSINESS” and Industries that are willing to pick up the tab for her campaigning.

Two years ago she stated “I am a commercial fisherman; my daughter’s name is Bristol. I could not support a project that risks one resource that we know is a given, and that is the world’s richest spawning grounds, over another resource.” in regards to supporting the propsed Pebble Mine project 100 miles up-stream from Bristol Bay, Alaska’s and the world’s most fertile sock-eye salmon spawning grounds. In treated and harmful toxic run-off waste will inevitably find it’s way in to the water table and down stream through the salmon spawning rivers into Bristol Bay.

Now, two years after being in office, she has helped ease the way for the Pebble mine project allowing it to get further down the pipeline towards breaking ground and development. Make no mistake; “Nothing humans build last forever.” and Pebble Mine – if built will begin causing irreparable damage to the Alaskan salmon runs and the waters they must come through to head up-stream during the Spawning runs. Read More…

Watch the Battle for Bristol Bay: