Chasing Silver, is to-date one of the most informative and action packed fly fishing videos covering the

Chasing Silver

Chasing Silver

Tarpon species. This amazing film carries you down a journey of classic quotes and photos from the hand-line fishermen of yesteryears through an oral history to how we’ve gotten to this place now. With our sponsors, high-end / high-tech reels and rods. Our hundreds of fly patterns, and even multi-thousand dollar flats skiff that started as a john-boat with plywood fixed to them as a casting deck.

Follow many of todays top fly fishermen and women that pursue this magnificent prehistoric looking fish that continues to capture our imaginations and personally, a lot of my time. It has been my favorite pursuit on the flats and one of the major reasons I moved to the island of Ambergris Caye. “To pursue that damned fish!” – As I gain years, I’m becoming aware that maybe I didn’t catch the fish, Perhaps it was the other way around.”

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