I’ve been asked on several occasions why saltwater fly fishing? Do I have an aversion towards trout or salmon fishing? The answer; No, I can and do appreciate both clear mountain streams as well as turquoise shimmering flats waters. It’s my choice to remain dedicated to Saltwater Fly Fishing simply because of that enormous ego crushing – light coming on above the head moment that was my first time in Saltwater. I was baffled by the differences. At that time I was already eight or nine years into fly fishing for trout and had excelled at it rather easily. I immediately moved into fly tying and even got a few variations submitted to some local publications for imitations that proved to be very productive in some of the local waters we were all fishing.

I guess its fair to say that I maybe thought of my self as a bit more advanced than a lot of my fishing buddies. And I’m 100% certain I thought I knew it all. The day when I was invited out visit the Bahamas and do some saltwater fly fishing. And as the guide put us on to a school of Bones and I proceeded to put my casting skills to the test. I was at that moment struck by a thought that has driven me since. “I know nothing! And am merely an over-inflated, ego maniacal trout bum living in Colorado. The real pros are these thick-skinned, well tanned crusty ole’ boys spending ten hours per day stalking and poling around their local flats grounds. Not only could these guys deliver a great presentation. The were double-hauling ninety feet of line with a a stiff sixteen knot wind when delivering these flies eight inches from the nose of a bonefish sifting through the silt in search of food.

I ran across an article that was circa 1987 published in the New York Post. Another un-expecting victim gets enlightened to what this whole saltwater fly fishing game is all about. Read the Article…