Graham Halls - Chicken Soup For The Fishermans Soul

Graham Hall's - Chicken Soup For The Fishermans Soul

Graham Hall has spent a lifetime learning to delicately balance and at times choose between the two biggest temptations in a mans life. The temptation presented by our women and those of the call of a great days fishing. At times I’ve been conflicted, and sometimes it’s clear exactly what I should do. Graham’s ability to share his struggles in light-hearted manner that always puts a smile upon your face.

“For one week, we pitched our tent by an emerald flowing river and fished to our hearts’ content. But wait. She liked to fish too, didn’t she? I asked somewhat belatedly as we rumbled down the dirt road in a battered pickup truck. Her answer? She batted her magical eyes and just smiled.

Every day of our honeymoon, I fished. Every day, she also fished; precisely at noon, she donned a fishnet bikini, toss her gleaming black hair down her back and walk barefoot to the river. I, too, was in that river, chest deep, casting my line far downstream. She always managed to lure me to shore.” Read More..

BY: Graham Hall

An excerpt from his book: Chicken Soup for the Fisherman’s Soul: Fish Tales to Hook Your Spirit and Snag Your Funny Bone (Chicken Soup for the Soul)