When I first began to take trips to Tropical destinations with crystal clear flats waters and no cover around for miles. I spent much time not catching fish but watching, learning and practicing what the guys who were catching fish were doing. Even after I had my “Double Haul” down pat and could cast a line 90 feet or further I still had troubles spooking the fish with improper presentation and false casting too much, resulting in me whipping the fly over head of a tailing group of Bonefish, or Permit. And sure as now fish likes to be chased by a fly, they certainly don’t like to be chased by one in the air over their heads. With one quick dart, the only thing left was a small cloudy patch in the water where they churned up the silty sandy bottom in their hasty retreat.

When fishing here in Belize I often tell anglers that you get three chances – TOPS! If you can have 70 – 80 feet of line out and letting that fly sink a foot in front of that Bonefish or Permit, well then, It’s over. They’ll move off and continue on their search for more food. I’ll continue to poll into position to get in position for working an area that the fish are feeding in. But I can’t stress enough the importance of excellent presentation and expert placement. Chico Fernandez has written a great article pertaining to this subject and highly worth a read. Read more about proper placement in Saltwater Fly Fishing by Chico Fernandez

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