In recent days the ohh-soo wonderful Bush administration has gone the typical route of “on the way out” administrations of the past. They’re attempting to throw a hail-marry in the form of a environmental policy change that would lift the restrictions on mountain top mining operations ability to dump their waste on the streams and other water sources of their areas. Once again proving George W. Bush and his cabinet of thugs are only our for the highest bidders. First and always it’s been know he’s Big Oil’s BIYOTCH. But now he’s decided to change laws that have been protecting our natural trout waters for over a quarter century.

So the next time you’re sitting at your tying bench whipping out a few dozen Pale Morning Duns make sure to tie six or so on some scaled-down double hooks (like those used in some Salmon patterns). I’m certain they’ll come in handy when natural selection and evolution are taken over by the waste matter dumped in the streams surrounding these mines. Soon we’ll begin to see Pal Morning Duns with dual-split bodies and trout with two heads. As if it’s not insulting enough, the tragedy that is strip-mining in our mountain ranges. Let’s add insult to injury and over-turn laws and policies that we, as a people have already stood up once before and said; “No, we don’t want your crap polluting our waters!” and got these bills and laws in place. Now the greatest *@$ hole of all time is attempting to throw it out the window right along side the constitution he sent flying through the air with the patriot act.

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Bush Administration Seeks to Allow Mine Waste Dumping