I’ve been asked this question several times in the past few days. Once from a Fly Fishing Rod and Reel manufacture based in Loveland, Co. (elkhorn fly fishing rods and fly fishing reels). And twice from fishermen down on their first Belize fly fishing trip that were staying at one of my condos. I stated I really can only comment or draw conclusions based on my local market here in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

It’s my personal belief that as the American economic situation still continues to worsen and everyone continues forecasting doom and gloom. There really hasn’t been much decrease in Fly Fishing charters and vacation packages in my business here in Belize. Not sure how relevant this is to American soil and the local market place in the states. However, the U.S. and Canada are roughly 63% of all fishermen booking fly fishing vacations in my particular business in past years. But with each season our presence and growth is focused more and more on other markets such as U.K. and other European nations. I have seen a decrease with currently booked trips in Canadians (i fear this is more to do with airfare cost than a repercussion of the economic crisis America is currently experiencing.)

It’s my personal opinion that if things continue to get worse then Fly Fishermen will still be stalking their home waters as much as trying to break-away for a Saltwater Fly Fishing trip to Belize. All looking for relief and the constant worries of what tomorrow holds, cause we all know; “Tomorrow holds another fish when you’re fishing.”! No one worries all the time when they’re focused on the waters and chasing tailing bones or Tarpon. I would think that the Fly Fishing industry would thrive as a portal of escape from the constant rederick and babling about the negatives or hard-times that certainly are a part of living. Call me an Osterich, but I’d prefer to focus on teh pleasures of life rather than the negatives.

Markets crash and get rebuilt. It’s just the way it goes. Fly Fishing; Well that’s a part of your soul and LIFE. Life isn’t about the more houses we can collect, boats we can buy, cars we can park in the drive way, or any of the useless junk we consume. Maybe if we weren’t all so focused on seeing how much we can consume and acquire then the economy wouldn’t be suffering because we all would have saved more and used credit far less. So forget your depression and “hop on the next thing smokin’ even if you have to hobo…” -Howlin Wolf, evil 1963 – and plan a fly fishing trip. You local waters, or on a plane down here to Belize. Either will do, if we keep our focus right in life then it’s my humble opinion that the economy will not affect some so meaningful in life as Fly Fishing.