The quest for the elusive permit on a fly

Posted by by Susan Cocking, Miami Herald October 18, 2008

I’m getting closer to my home. — Mark Farner, Grand Funk Railroad, 1970.

I’m getting closer to my permit. — Me, October 2008.

One thing about quests is that if they’re completed too quickly, they don’t really seem like quests. Like locating the Holy Grail, finishing an Ironman triathlon, or writing, as one woman did, a book about doing the wild thing with your husband 365 days in a row, there has to be some suffering and some setbacks and a decent interval before reaching the finish line. All that time and energy spent somehow transforms an arcane goal into a hard-won accomplishment.

Such is my quest to catch a permit on the flats while sight-fishing with a fly rod. read more…

Ideal Permit Fly Rod and Reel combo by Sage