It doesn’t matter wether you’re a fly fisherman, sport fisherman, or any other type of fisherman. The incredible Mr. Limpet should be in your DVD library. A classic film that in 1964 set new limits to movie making by merging the animated with the real life. An imaginative and joyful 99 minutes that has thrilled adults as much as children. This classic Fish story that refuses to become a relic and out-dated. Forty years later The Incredible Mr. Limpet still astounds and captivates audiences be their first or forty first viewing. If you’re a youngster and new to fishing but are curious as to the underwater workings of Fish, this film will not give you an accurate portrayal. It will however, make you laugh and appreciate the lighter side of life as you see it lived through Henry Limpert (Don Knotts) a some what goofy character that finds himself literally living his dreams through that of a cartoon fish in World War II. This film is chalked full of classic characters and names and faces you’ll surely recall as you enjoy this film.

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