Saltwater Fly Fishing Art by Paul Gray

Saltwater Fly Fishing Art by Paul Gray

It’s a passionate pursuit for many to catch small glimpses of perfection through out
our journeys in life. I for one find these moments many times in fly fishing when
everything comes together in harmony. The hours spent at the tying bench have
culminated into the perfectly proportioned fly with the years of practice giving it
just the right flare, colors, and strands of flashing. The well honed cast receives
just a split second bereavement from the constant winds of the tropics. The
opponent lines up perfectly 70 – 80 feet out. You break your forward cast just at
the right moment and watch as a perfect loop begins to unfurl past you carried by
effortless momentum. You gingerly tip the end of your rod downward towards the
waters edge and witness before you the perfection of a presentation in an aged old
battle of wits and cunning between predator and prey.

It’s at these very defining moments that I realize what brings me back to the water
morning after morning. It’s also a bond that I think that is carried between all Fly
Fishermen that isn’t spoken, but it’s there and you automatically understand. I,
like most of us mark these moments away in my head or attempt to capture it with
a photograph, which some how in my opinion just cheapens it for me. It never
displays the immense satisfaction I always have at that moment.

Well I happened across an gentleman that has been given a gift of preserving those
moments of perfection in time with such lifelike realism and beauty that it
provides me with that same feeling of satisfaction by merely focusing my attention
on it for a few moments. And just like that, I’m instantly transported back though
time and find myself sitting on the bow of that flats boat, or by that rivers edge
experiencing those moments all over again. After you view the artwork of Paul
Gray, I’ll bet you find yourself somewhere in your own past re-living some bit of
perfection as well.

About the artist:

Paul Gray and Point Brulee Studio

Paul Gray was born in 1960 in Detroit. Showing artistic talent at a young age, he
often drew pictures and cartoons to entertain his friends and classmates. He studied
Commercial Art at Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies and has since worked in the
graphic arts field. He studied fishing and fish behavior since his youth and often kept
aquariums displaying both fresh and saltwater species. He lives in Southeastern Michigan
with his wife Gina and son Dale and spends as much time as possible out of doors.

Paul Gray is an angler first, artist second. His attention to detail is extremely
important to being successful in both endeavors. All of his artwork is based on first-hand
experience and was painted with the idea of creating tributes to the many adventures that
mean so much to him personally. He goes to great lengths capturing the essence of these
special moments in the hope of keeping their memory alive forever. Paul looks to others
who share similar passions or just have an appreciation for the beauty and style of his
work. In describing his paintings, Paul says, “it’s all about the fish.”

Point Brulee is a small, cedar-lined peninsula which dips south into the cold, clear
waters of Northern Lake Huron from Michigan’s Eastern U.P.. This wilderness setting
has been a constant source of inspiration throughout Paul ‘s life. He continues to spend
quality time there with his family.

You can view more of his artwork at: